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kitten getting belly rubs

Adorable kittens loves his belly rubs

This adorable kitten challenges everything we thought we knew about cats! Well, maybe just the fact that cats don’t like belly rubs. Cause this little cutie sure does! Kitten getting belly rubs Related article: Kitten adorably demands …
protective kitten

Kitten is VERY protective of her food

This baby kitten doesn’t look very hungry but that doesn’t stop her from being very possessive and protective of her food. Watch this adorable video. Kitten protective of her food Related article: Hungry kitten gets a …
kittens bottle feeding

Triplet kitten babies are bottle feeding

There’s not much to say about this video, besides that it is just mind blowingly cute. These triplet kitten babies are feasting on some nice milk bottles and are enjoying every sip. Triplet kittens bottle …
stray kitten

Cutest stray kitten follows human around

This man was out on a stroll when this adorable stray kitten started following him around. The kitten clearly knew what he was doing – shortly after this adorable routine one of the man’s friends …
cat and babies

mama cat and her babies bond as a family

There is nothing cuter than a mother cat and her babies. Watch this adorable family enjoy each other, nurse and communicate. Too cute!! Meet the adorable feline family Related article: Mamma cat communicates with kittens
dancing kittens

These synchronized kittens are soul dancers

These 3 stylish kittens are too cool for school. Take a look at synchronized head tilt act as they rock it to the bit. One day they’ll be really big! Synchronized dancing kittens Related article: Kittens …
white munchkin cat

Best way to wake up every morning

What is the best way to wake up every morning you ask? With a kitty on top of you of course. Preferably a purring one. This adorable white munchkin cat named Goboogi and his human …