10 Best interactive cat toys for a lazy human

You come home after a long day at the office and all you wanna do is sit on the couch and zone out in front of the TV, preferably with your cuddly fur ball lying beside you. But alas! Your feline companion wants to play. What to do? some interactive cat toys can come in really handy.

We’ve compiled and reviewed the best interactive cat toys out there for your (or more importantly, your cat’s) enjoyment.

Interactive cat toys for your kitty’s amusement

1. Senses Play Circuit


senses play circuit

This mighty cool interactive cat toy by Catit incorporates the use of sight, sound and touch and is designed to entertain your cat or kitten by appealing to his natural hunting instincts. It’s basically a Peek-a-Boo track contraption that incites the cat to chase the ball.

If you really want your cat to have the full Senses Circuit experience, you can always go for Senses Play Circuit 2.0 that is 10″ longer and enables 100+ different layouts!

Buy the regular Senses Play Circuit is available here.


2. Wireless Remote Control Rat Toy


wireless mouse toy interactive cat toy

This electronic rat toy actually comes in a set of 3, which means your cat won’t be too disappointed when he breaks the first rat and realizes there is more fun to be had! The rats have two modes – moving forward and backward and will surly catch your cat’s attention.

Wireless Remote Control Rat is available for purchase here.


3. Bolt automatic laser toy

Bolt laser interactive cat toys

This automatic, electronic laser toy by Frolicat is the ultimate cat toy for the lazy cat owner. Based on a cat’s natural love for chasing laser beams this product really takes it to the next level. All you have to do is activate it and let the toy do the rest. It moves the laser in random patterns, has automatic and manual modes and a self-timer that turns it off after 15 minutes of play to make sure your kitty is left wanting more.

Bolt automatic laser toy is available here.


4. Pounce electronic toy by Frolicat

Pounce interactive cat toys

The pounce electronic cat toy entails a plastic mouse that moves around in a circular path and goes back and forth randomly, making it all the more exciting for your feline. It also has 4 different speed options and a 10 minute timer.

Pounce by Frolicat is available here.


5. Frolicat Chatter automatic teaser

Chatter interactive cat toy

The most exciting thing about this interactive cat toy is that it makes chirping sounds that will lure his feline highness in from anywhere. It features a yellow canary that also moves around – inciting the cat or kitten to play. It has a 10-15 minute timer and a “Play-while-you-are-away” mode that will spontaneously begin play time when you’re busy at work.

Chatter by Frolicat is available here.


6. Petlinks mystery motion electronic toy

mystery motion interactive cat toys

‘What is this mysterious feather moving under the cloth? I must catch it and then release only to catch it again!’
– Your cat

Another great cat product for all you lazy cat owners out there, and a wonderful present for your kitty. Has 4 speed options and is designed to act like real prey.

The Mystery motion toy is available here.

7. Smartcat Loco – electronic motion toy

smartcat loco interactive cat toys

This automated play rod will drive your cat loco (but in a good way!). The feathery tip and the flexible wand will keep your cat coming for more exercise and fun. It features an adjustable speed knob and is made of 50% recycled plastic which makes it Eco friendly too!

The Smartcat Loco is available here.

8. Stir Crazy electronic catnip ball toy

Stir Crazy interactive cat toy

This fabulous toy by petlinks incorporates two of your cat’s greatest loves – catnip and a small moving object. This highly engaging toy features a catnip filled ball being moved around by a battery powered rod. It has 4 speed options and will totally keep your cat busy while you’re taking a nap.

Stir Crazy is available here.


9. Petlinks Wild Thing electronic motion toy

Wild Thing interactive cat toys

Another hands free interactive cat toys that will keep you feline fascinated for hours! The wild thing will wobble around, flaunting it’s feathery tip at your kitty, inviting it to play.

The Wild Thing motion toy is available here.


10. Rolorat robotic mouse by Frolicat

Rolorat by Frolicat interactive cat toys

The awesome Rolorat will surely give your kitty a run for your money  :). Designed as a high tech mouse robot the Rolorat moves by rolling around and it’s eyes and whiskers light up in bright red to add more fun to the play session. It also has a ‘play While You Are Away’ feature which comes in very handy.

Rolorat by Frolicat is available here.

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