Fluff balls have some fun with awesome snake cat toy

My cat gets bored fairly easily and needs constant (and I mean constant!) attention and entertainment. So I’m always on the market for a new engaging cat toy to keep him busy and happy. The more interactive, the better. During my travels and searches online, and after going through a lot of the same boring stuff (i.e rods with a bird toy connected to them, which don’t get me wrong, are also great) I came across this video. It features an interesting interactive snake cat toy and you can see some kitties testing it out.

Snake cat toy

Now the cool thing about this toy is that it’s powered by remote control, so you can make sure it doesn’t get lost in the cat toy graveyard – under the fridge and raise the level of engagement by steering it over to your kitty. And you can do it all from your cushy spot on the couch.

I did read some reviews from people saying it was too noisy and that their cat was unimpressed, so take a note on that. But overall it seems to be well recommended.

snake cat toy 2

And it comes in 4 different colors too! Sounds like a win to me 🙂

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