4 signs your cat is sick and should see a vet

In the wild, when an animal appears to be sick it becomes vulnerable and that is why many wild animals tend to hide their illnesses, as their lives depend on it. Our adorable house cats, despite never being in any kind of real danger, have the same tendency. This tendency is what makes it difficult for us humans to detect when our cat is sick and requires medical attention. Here are 4 signs to keep a lookout for.

Signs your cat is sick

4 signs your cat may be sick

    1. Personal hygiene – if your cat is normally strict with his self grooming but hasn’t been making much of an effort lately, something may be wrong.
    2. Radical change in food consumption and hydration habits – if your cat is eating or drinking significantly less (or more) than before, there’s a problem.
    3. Urinating and defecating outside of the litter box – This may also be a result of stress, but you should let the vet make that call.
    4. Hiding for long periods of time and loss of desire to play – if that’s your cat’s regular behavior, everything is probably ok. But if your cat is normally very social and outgoing and suddenly starts hiding for long periods of time, alarm bells should go off.

It’s hard to notice when your cat is sick, but cats are creatures of habit and whenever something in their behavior changes radically, it usually means something’s wrong. As cat owners we should always be alert and attentive to our kitties needs, after all we are their everything!

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