Cat chirping – why do cats do it?

Have you ever heard a cat chirping? since you’re here you probably have and are wondering why your cat suddenly sounds like a bird. The answer is very simple – your cat secretly wishes to become a bird. JK. That’s not it, but the answer is in a sense connected to birds.

It is a common misperception that birds chirp and cats meow, never the other way around. But our beloved felines have a very wide vocal spectrum. While birds never really meow, cats may chirp, on certain occasions.

Cat chirping occurs when a cat is preparing to hunt

Was your cat sitting at the window, looking at some birds when you heard the life changing cat chirp? That’s because birds arouse a cat’s instinct to hunt. And cat chirping is an automatic emotional reaction designed to convey both excitement and frustration, since the birds are so tempting to chase but also out of reach.

Is cat chirping designed to sound like birds?

Nope. Although cat chirping sounds like an imitation of a bird, there’s no real connection between a cat chirp and a bird chirp. Cat’s will also chirp at the sight of squirrels and other potentially delicious animals.
So next time your kitty is chirping at the window keep calm and know that it’s puuuurfectly normal.