Cat crate training – for a healthy stress free journey for your kitty

Cats are creatures of habit. They get used to their surroundings and will get really stressed if they are taken out of it. Especially if it’s in a closed container. But there are ways to help mitigate that stress and make the overall experience more tolerable for both your kitty and you. And that is done with the help of some cat crate training.

Cat crate training – how do you do it?

If your beloved feline feels comfortable and safe in his crate it sort of becomes part of his territory. That helps a great deal to relieve stress levels when he’s being transported. So basically the whole point of cat crate training is to get your fluffy companion used to spending time in the crate and even make it a positive experience.

Choose the right type of cat crate

Cat crates come in different shapes and sizes. The ideal cat crate size is about one and a half times the size of your kitty. Cats need room to stand up and walk around on the one hand and but prefer to have a confined space to feel safe (TBT to how much cats LOVE boxes). You can get your kitty a regular box crate or a cool backpack crate with a special view. The most important thing is for him to be comfortable.

cat crate training

Crate a positive experience involving the crate

This is your cat crate training money time. To get your kitty feeling comfortable in the crate you should start by creating positive experiences involving the crate.

First, make it comfy. Put your kitty’s favorite blankie and some toys in the crate and leave it open. Second, connect snack time with the crate. Maybe place a few treats inside or reward your kitty after having been inside. At this point leave you should still leave the crate door open at all times. Third, you can gradually start closing the crate door (with your cat inside off course) for short periods of time. When you do so, make sure to reward your cat with a treat. Our last tip is to leave the crate open and accessible at all times. It will help your cat to get used to it if he can explore it even without you around.

To conclude

Cat crate training is important to help your kitty through his next travel, whether it’s to the vet or somewhere further. So go the extra mile and we assure you it will pay off. After all, a happy relaxed kitty, means a happy relaxed human. 🙂

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