Cat peeing outside litter box – reasons why

Cats are creatures of habit. A cat will always prefer to urinate and defecate in the same spot every time. And for most cats that spot is the litter box. But cats are also very hygiene oriented, anxious creatures. If something doesn’t feel right in their litter box they may resort to a different spot for their business, and that spot may just be your couch. Cat peeing outside litter box can happen both as a coping mechanism and as a way to communicate to their human that something is wrong.

The main reasons for cat peeing outside litter box

1. The litter box isn’t clean enough

Cats value their hygiene and may rebel if they find their litter box isn’t clean enough. This is where you need to check yourself – have you been cleaning it daily? do you change the litter every week-two weeks? Remember, a clean litter box means a happy kitty.

2. The litter box or something around it is causing anxiety

Cats like their peace and quite when doing their business (just like us humans!). So if for example the litter box is located next to a source of noise that may startle your kitty (even a washing machine can be the culprit) they may become reluctant to use it. In addition, the litter box structure can also be the problem – some cats just don’t like to be boxed in, in the litter box, while littering. So if you find your cat spending as little time possible inside the box and then bolting out, an open litter box should solve the problem.

3. The litter box is too close to it’s food

Would you like to do your business and eat in the same spot? nope, and neither would any cat. Remember, cats have high standards!

4. A medical condition

A bladder infection or even kidney problems may be the cause of your cat peeing outside litter box problem. If you’ve ruled out litter box issues (see above) the best thing to do would be to take your fur baby to the vet for a checkup and put your mind at ease. Nothing to lose right?!

The most important thing to remember here is that getting angry at your cat will not help in any way. Cats aren’t like dogs and your cat will not understand why you’re being mean to him even if he did just pee on your bed. So save your energy to figuring out what’s causing your cat to urinate outside the litter box and just fix it.

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