Cat pregnancy stages – from fertilization to delivery!

With the world’s cat population in overflow it’s always best to get your kitty spayed. But if you do find yourself with a pregnant kitty you need to educate yourself to know what’s coming. What to expect when your cat is expecting – learn the cat pregnancy stages.

Cat pregnancy stages

Cat pregnancy stages

1. Fertilization

Cat’s are able to reach sexual maturity and go into heat when they are as young as 5 months old. Once a cat is in heat it can be fertilized and pregnancy becomes a very real possibility. Another interesting fact is that a litter of kittens can have more than one father! The pregnancy will normally last around two months, so if your cat has been fertilized she’ll start showing pretty fast.

2. The first two weeks

Could you believe cats suffer from morning sickness too? During the first two weeks of the pregnancy your cat may feel sick and not eat as much. This is nothing to be alarmed about is you are aware your kitty is with litter.

3. Mid pregnancy

This is the time your kitty will start to gain weight, and fast. She’ll also probably be eating more than she usually does. Which only makes sense, after all she is eating for 2, or 3, or 4, or 5, or 6…

4. Before labor

At this point, about a week before she’s due, your kitty will start nesting. Yes, nesting! like we humans do. She’ll be looking for a warm safe place to have her babies. Maybe a nice padded cardboard box will do? When your cat is close to birth her nipples will also become much more visible and will harden, in preparation for nursing.

5. Labor

Your cat will stop eating two days before labor begins. Once she goes into labor a few things will happen. She may become anxious and start pacing back and forth. After she settles in her nest she’ll start licking her genitals. She may also start making noises of discomfort, which is totally understandable in her situation.

6. Delivery

A cat will go into active delivery around one hour after going into labor. A kitten should be delivered every 15-20 minutes after that. Then new mamma cat will clean her babies by licking them and eat their placentas for nutritional purposes and there you have it! Mama cat and her perfect liter of babies.

As you can see the cat pregnancy stages are pretty short and before you know it it’ll all be over. You’ll have a cat and a some adorable kittens to take care of for at least 8 weeks (12 are preferable). Afterwards finding the kittens a forever home (or adopting them yourself!) would be the right thing to do. Oh and spaying your cat!


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