How to cat proof your couch and maintain your sanity

Your home is your safe haven and where you feel the most relaxed, around your loved ones and your belongings. Many times the term loved ones would also include beloved pets. But what do you do when your loved ones, namely your kitties, constantly cause damage to your belongings? Coming home to a new rip in your couch every day isn’t very relaxing. It just sucks. However there are ways to deal with this issue (that don’t include getting rid of your kitty of course). For one – make your couch a cat proof couch! 

Cat proof couch

Owning a cat is awesome as they help liven up your home (when in the right mood) and bring joy and fulfillment to your life. But it could also be disastrous for some of your belongings, especially for furniture like a couch. Scratching is a natural behavior for cats and that is why you should always be on top of protecting your furniture from your cat’s claws. Prevent damage and frustration later on by cat proofing the couch now. 

It is said that upholstered furniture and cats in the same environment means trouble. Your beautiful couch can quickly get a bad makeover once your cat gets its claws in the cushions and springs. If your cat is determined enough  you’re not going to be able to stop it from ruining that perfect couch in your living room, unless you make sure it is protected.

Why do cats scratch to begin with?

It is a natural behavior for cats to scratch. This is how they sharpen their nails for hunting in nature and it also helps them stretch their muscles and release tension. It comes as no surprise that they would continue  with this practice when they’re indoors. Cats may be notorious for ruining furniture but they definitely don’t do it out of spite.

Why do cats often target the couch?

It’s just fact – some surfaces are more appealing for cats to claw at than others. Surfaces they can sink their claws into. Unfortunately couches (especially upholstered ones) provide such a surface. In addition since one of the ways to socialize cats is by introducing them to play with toys, they come to assume the couch is another big toy. 

But this doesn’t mean your couch is doomed. Understanding this typical cat trait will help you plan properly before getting a cat and come prepared with some cat proof couch technics.

Technics for a Cat Proof Couch

The best thing to do when you have both a cat and a couch is to cat proof your couch. There are various steps that can be taken in order to properly cat proof your couch.

There are several cat proof materials that can be used to protect your couch from the destructive claws of your beloved kitty. Below you can find a list of some cat proof couch materials:

cat proof couch

These patches of see through stickers can protect upholstery, carpets, doors woodwork and screens from a cat’s claws. It is made from an industrial grade thick crystal clear Vinyl and it has a pressure sensitive adhesive backing. True, it doesn’t look amazing on your couch but it will help keep it intact longer and it doesn’t require sticking any pins in your furniture. For more information on how to purchase it, click here

cat proof couch

Amazing shields is a similar product with some minor differences. It is a combination of self-adhesive sheets coupled with twist pins that make sure the sheets stay in place. Since there are pins involved it would be very hard for your kitty to scratch these babies away. For more information on how to purchase it, click here.

This is a heavy duty plastic couch cover that’ll protect your cat from both your cat and possible other predictors. While it provides a long lasting solution for a cat proof couch it does mean you’ll have to sit on plastic all the time. For more information click here

Provide Your Cat with Acceptable alternative spots To Scratch 

Once you’ve wrapped your couch in protective cat proof couch gear, it’s time for phase two. Now that the couch isn’t an option anymore your cat is going to need to scratch somewhere else. So you need to provide your kitty with some scratching alternatives like cat trees. Make sure to place the new scratching post next to the couch so the transition will be easy and then gradually move it away.

Reward Your Cat

It is important to reward your pets from time to time to encourage good behavior. If you see your cat using any of your furniture properly – hence, not scratching, that is the right time to reward it. But remember you want your cat to understand what it’s being rewarded for, so make sure the timing is right. 

Make The Couch Unappealing

Making your couch unattractive to your cat is a very good way to cat proof your couch. How do I do that you ask? You can try changing the scent in the area of the couch. Citrus-based products should do the trick since cats don’t like citrus. So household cleaners with citrus, fresh lemon juice and household polishes containing citrus can be a good choice. Of course before you decide to use any of these products – make sure to check it’s not toxic for your kitty. Your cat’s life is more important.

Hopefully this helped you get a grasp on what tricks you can try and what you may need for a cat proof couch.

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