Cat yowling – what is your cat trying to say to you?

Just like babies, cats have a limited arsenal of ways to communicate with us humans. Yowling is one of them. And just like a baby’s cries, cat yowling always means something. Whether your kitty is sick or simply bored, it’s up to you to figure out what his yowls mean to be able to help him.

cat yowling

Cat yowling can mean a number of things

Every cat is different. Some cats tend to keep their vocal abilities to themselves and some cats are full blown opera singers. You can probably tell which category your cats falls under. But if your cat does resort to cat yowling it can usually mean a number of things.

Your cat is sick

Cats tend to hide their illnesses, but sometimes they’ll yowl to let you know they’re in pain. Get your kitty to the vet to rule out possible health problems including a complete blood work, just in case.


Indoor cats tend to get bored. Cats require a certain amount of stimulation to maintain their mental health. While some cats are cool lying around on the couch all day, others might rebel if they don’t have something to do.

Tip: Spice things up for your kitty by downloading a game app for cats to your ipad and let your kitty go nuts.


This is an easy one. You know your kitty’s feeding schedule. If your cat is yowling before dinner time it probably means he’s hungry and would like to be fed sooner rather than later.


While cats have a reputation of being loners in reality they actually need more attention and company than one might think. If your kitty spends a lot of time alone and is constantly yowling they just might be crying out for company. If changing your hectic daily schedule to spend more time with your cat is problematic (and understandably so), consider getting your kitty a friend to spend all that free time with. Another cat or dog maybe?

voicing A need to breed

If you haven’t spayed/neutered your cat yet now’s the time. A cat in heat may yowl from sunrise to sundown while suffering the unpleasant side effects of well, horniness. In this case yowling is used to attract a suitable mate.


A cat may choose to express anxiety, fear or general stress by cat yowling. Try to figure out if your kitty has anything to stress about – have you recently moved homes, or even redecorated? Cats are very territorial and any change in their surroundings can cause them to stress and yowl their little hearts away.

Whether it’s stress or boredom, cat yowling can make life a lot noisier. Try to figure out how to help your kitty solve whatever it is that’s bothering them to restore their happiness and the (relative) peace and quiet in your household.

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