Do cats dream and what do they dream about?

If you’re a cat owner, surly you’ve spent time staring at your sleeping cat while admiring his cuteness. You’ve also probably encountered little paw twitches and noises cats sometimes make while asleep. This raises the age old question, Do cats dream? and if so, what are they dreaming about? Continue reading to find out (or scroll down to watch video).

Do cats dream

The short answer to the question ‘do cats dream’ is yes. Cats have little dreams pertaining to past events just like us humans!

It is so since the part in their brains that retains memories is believed to be wired the same as ours.

Moreover, a research conducted on rats has led scientists to believe that all mammals dream. The research monitored a rat’s brain activity and found that it was identical while both awake and asleep. Meaning that they were dreaming about the day’s events.

This is especially true regarding the average house cat who sleeps around 15 hours a day and spends 10% more than us humans dreaming.

So next time you see mr. whiskers sleeping know he’s probably dreaming about the yummy chicken he stole from the fridge before his nap. So cute!

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