Do Siamese cats shed like other cats?

Before getting a cat it is important to make sure it is the right cat for you. Siamese cats are wonderful social felines who connect with their humans and demand a lot of attention. But shedding can be an issue for a lot of people. If you are one of them this is something you should learn about. So do Siamese cats shed? and if so, how much compared to other cats?

Do Siamese cats shed

Do Siamese cats shed fur

Well, the short answer to the question do Siamese cats shed would be yes. Most cats shed fur and Siamese cats are no exception. However, Siamese cats sport a relatively short coat, which means their shedding isn’t as noticeable and therefor is easier to manage.

Like most cats, Siamese cats undergo two molts a year. This means they would shed more than normal during spring – when they are preparing for the warm summer days, and in the fall, when they grow a new undercoat for winter.

You can keep the shedding under control and stop hair from spreading around the house by giving your Siamese daily brushing sessions. This is also a healthy bonding activity with your kitty.

Some indoor cats may shed continually throughout the year since they tend to lose track of seasonal changes. so if that’s the case with your Siamese cat, don’t worry about it, it’s perfectly normal. Simply continue with your kitty’s brushing routine and vacuum when needed.

If you happen to be allergic, another good way to deal with your Siamese kitty’s minimal shedding would be to instal air purifiers around the house to keep it as dander free as possible.

To conclude, Siamese cats are awesome. They get along with kids and other pets alike and are very social. But if minimal shedding is a deal breaker for you or if you are allergic, maybe you should reconsider and think about getting a hairless Sphynx cat instead.

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