How to get rid of fleas in newborn kittens (under 8 weeks)

There are many different chemical flea products out there that’ll help you get rid of fleas in cats. But these treatments can be dangerous for newborn kittens since they’re still very fragile at that age. So how do you deal with fleas in newborn kittens? [Scroll down for video]

fleas in newborn kittens

Getting rid of fleas in newborn kittens

First and foremost, treat the mother. If the kittens are clean but mom still has fleas sh’ell pass them back to her babies in no time. You can probably use any one of the conventional flea treatments out there for mamma cat – just ask your vet for the best kind.

Now, before you start the flea removal process it is recommended to bathe the kitten with mild soap. Then you’ll have to manually remove the fleas from your newborn kitten. You can do this using your hands, tweezers or a Flea Comb. Newborn kittens are very small so you wouldn’t have to work very hard. Also since they still don’t have a lot of fur it should be feasible to get all of them easily.

Tip: When using a flea comb make sure you have a glass of water that contains some dish washing liquid at hand. Dip your Flea Comb in the liquid whenever fleas accumulate on it. It should kill them and you won’t just be putting the fleas back on your kitten.

Remember, if your cats have fleas they are also around your house. So make sure to also focus on the kitten’s bedding area and it’s periphery to prevent your kitty from getting fleas again.

Important: due to their young age fleas in newborn kittens can cause life threatening anemia. So get your baby kittens to the vet for a checkup to make sure they’re all good.

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