The ultimate guide to taking the best cat portrait

Cats are difficult when it comes to picture taking. They won’t sit still for more than a second, they’re won’t always react when you call their name and they’re very easily distracted. So what can you do to get the perfect cat portrait to send to friends and loved ones? Well there are ways or better yet, tools, to help you get there.

DIY cat portrait selfie stick

Since you can’t really train your cat to sit still, even when a treat is involved, you’re gonna have to bring in the big guns. Think about it, the only time you’ve seen your cat really still and focused on something it’s never your camera. If your cat is super focused it’s usually when they’re on the hunt, about to capture and torture some unsuspecting bug. That same hunting instinct is activated during playtime when the huntee is a toy. But how can that help you capture the perfect frame? Easy. Create a homemade cat selfie stick by attaching your cat’s favorite toy to your phone and take a portrait once your cat is engaged.

What you’ll need

  1. Your phone with the camera on and ready to shoot
  2. Your cat’s favorite toy
  3. Some duck tape or clip to attach the toy to your phone

Sounds easy enough no? Make sure you tape the toy to your phone in a way that won’t cover the camera lanse and you’re golden.

Flexy paw

flexy paw

If you’re having trouble creating your homemade contraption there are more professional tools to help you get it right. One of these tools is the Flexy paw. It is basically a two sided, flexible clip that is especially designed to connect to your phone on one end and a toy (or a treat) on the other. This genius yet simple contraption will serve you well and help you capture the best cat portraits out there. All you have to do once your cat is zoomed in on the toy is press the button and capture the moment.

Extra tips

  • Make sure to get your cat in a natural background setting. A rag or a blanket spread out on the floor can do the trick.
  • You know your cat best – make sure to choose a toy you KNOW will engage them.
  • Don’t forget to have the camera focused on your cat.
  • Keep your hand as steady as possible when you’re doing this.
  • Be sure to be quick, even a toy won’t keep your kitty focused for very long.

And that’s pretty much it, the ball’s in your court to take the best cat portrait. Show everyone just how beautiful your kitty really is.

P.S Flexy paw actually also works for dog portraits – stick a treat on there and get the same effect!

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