10 Foods foods that are bad for cats

If you love your kitty and want to make sure you’re taking the best possible care of him, there are things you should know about hid diet. Mainly what are the foods that are bad for cats – know which foods to avoid. [Scroll down for video]

foods that are bad for cats

  1. Onions – They can cause your kitty to have Anemia by damaging his red blood cells. Cats are particularly susceptible to this.
  2. Garlic – Cats can’t process garlic. It will lead them to have digestive upsets which can result in one unhappy kitty.
  3. Raw eggs – Raw eggs can cause problems in your kitty’s skin and may contain Salmonella and other bacteria.
  4. Grapes – They may be yummy to us but they contain toxins that can effect your kitty’s kidneys.
  5. Milk – A grown cat’s digestive system can’t process dairy foods and it will lead to diarrhea.
  6. Fat trimmings and bones – These can be extremely dangerous for a cat causing intestinal upset and vomiting. 
  7. Mushrooms – They often contain toxins that can be catastrophic for an animal, especially kitties. They may lead to shock and even death.
  8. Yeast doe – When consumed yeast doe will expand in your kitty’s stomach causing gas and stomach pains. It could even cause the stomach or intestines to rapture.
  9. Salt – Salt can cause cats to have electro-light imbalances.
  10. Chocolate – It contains Caffeine which is very bad for your cat. It can cause diarrhea, vomiting and it can poison the nerves system. Giving chocolate to your kitty is as good as poisoning him.

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