How to bathe a cat in a few simple steps

Most cats don’t need to be bathed regularly. They are very hygienic animals who are great at cleaning themselves. But if you happen to have a kitten who hasn’t mastered the art of self cleaning yet or just a cat who also likes to hang out in the great outdoors a nice bath could be in order. If you’re Looking for tips on how to bathe a cat you’re in the right place. [scroll down for video]

How to bathe a cat?

Preparation is key

If you want everything to go smoothly you have to prepare. First, you’ll need towels, cat shampoo and a cup for rinsing. Second, brush your cat to get rid of dust and other dirt particles. It’ll also help detangle fur in case you have a long haired cat. Third, take the opportunity to clip your cat’s nails. That way you won’t get scratched during bath time. Basically anything that will help lower your cat’s anxiety levels, pre-bath, is a good idea. You can for example play with him or give him a tasty treat.

how to bathe a cat 2

Lastly, run the bath water before putting your cat in the bath. The water should be 4-6 inc deep so it reaches that cat’s underbelly. We also recommend putting a towel in the bathtub to give the cat something to grip if he gets anxious.

The dreaded bath

First, to make it easier for yourself close the bathroom door to avoid feline escape. Second, place your cat in the tub or sink while talking to him in a soothing voice. Gently wet the cat’s whole body using a cup. Start rubbing your kitty, using Shampoo. Work your way from the neck down. Then rinse until your beloved kitty is clean and soap free.

Post bath

Use a towel to dry your kitty from head to toe. You can even use a hair dryer if it doesn’t scare your cat. Next step would be bribing your kitty with treats to make him love you again 🙂

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