How to get rid of cat allergies – answer inside

Allergies are such a bummer. Especially if they’re caused by a beloved family member like a cat or a dog. If you suffer from cat allergies, you’re probably wondering – how to get rid of cat allergies? Well, unfortunately there is no real way to get rid of cat allergies. The good news is that allergies, and specifically cat allergies, can be managed. Scroll down for more.

how to get rid of cat allergies 2

keeping your cat AND managing your allergies

We often hear sad stories about people who bring cats into their home only to later take them back to the shelter due to newly discovered cat allergies. Well we’re here to tell you (and this is in no way a medical recommendation) that there are things you can do to manage your cat allergies AND keep your cat! (but before that we would recommend you see your doctor to make sure what you’re experiencing is indeed a pet allergy).

1. Keep the dander to a minimum – vacuuming is probably the best way to keep the dander under control. Build a cleaning routine with emphasis on your kitty’s favorite lounging spots and yours. Replacing your sheets often will also help. Another way to keep dander at bay would be to regularly use air cleaners.

2. Don’t let your cat sleep with you – now this is a tough one if your cat is used to sleeping with you, but you should at least try. An allergen free night’s sleep can do wonders for your inflamed sinuses. If you can’t pull it off at least get your kitty to sleep as far away from your face as possible. It should help.

4. Get rid of fur accumulating furniture – some things accumulate dust like crazy. And if they accumulate dust they also accumulate cat fur and dander. In that case furniture such as carpets have to go.

3. Medication – Although not ideal medication is the best way to deal with and manage cat allergies. From over the counter antihistamines for mild cases to allergy shots for more severe cases.


In conclusion, it’s not a question of how to get rid of cat allergies, rather how to manage them. cat allergies can be a pain in the ass and your health should come first, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have a cat.
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