How to stop cat from peeing on carpet in a few simple steps

Cats are naturally clean animals who’ll normally only use their litter box for their business. So if your cat is peeing on the carpet it’s not because he’s just an asshole. When cats pee outside of their litter box it typically means there’s either something medically wrong with them or there’s a problem with the litter box itself. Whatever it is there are ways to deal with it so if you want to know how to stop cat from peeing on carpet keep on reading.

How to stop cat from peeing on carpet

Clean your carpet very thoroughly

First things first. You have to get rid of that cat pee smell so your cat wouldn’t return to the same spot to do his business. It would also be a good idea to clean the floor under the carpet for best results. Remember, your kitty has a better sense of smell than you so even if you can’t smell it anymore, your cat might still be able to. So investing in a good carpet cleaner is probably a good idea at this point.

Take your kitty to the vet to rule out a medical issue

If your cat is peeing outside of it’s litter box it may be a sign of illness. A vet should be able to rule out urinary tract problems and other medical issues to make sure your fur ball isn’t suffering.

Clean the litter box daily

If you had to step in your own poop whenever you had to relieve yourself you’d probably resort to peeing on the carpet too. Make sure to clean your cat’s litter box as often as possible, that just might do the trick. Remember every cat is different, and if one of your cats doesn’t have a problem with a soiled litter box your other cat still might.

Final thoughts

Remember, cats don’t act out of spite. If your cat is peeing on the carpet it means something’s wrong and it’s up to you to figure out what it is and fix it.

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