How to tame a feral kitten gently and effectively

Kittens who aren’t exposed to humans from birth may become timid and aggressive when approached by a human. And understandably so. Fortunately taming a feral kitten is a fairly easy process that when done right can take a mere day or two. But it has to be done right. So if you’re wandering how to tame a feral kitten, this post is for you.

Looking into how to tame a feral kitten – the basics

First of all one rule of thumbs when it comes to taming a feral kitten is the younger the kitten, the easier (and faster) it will be to tame him. But don’t worry, even if your kitten is on the verge of adulthood you can get it done. Just be patient and gentle.

Approach with caution

Any scared animal can be aggressive when it thinks it’s life is in danger. Remember, for a kitten who’s never been in contact with humans you may seem like an evil alien. So hissing and biting in ‘self defense’ are a likely possibility. Make sure to err on the side of caution and wear special thick gloves when approaching the kitten. Once the kitten has calmed down and is no longer aggressive try going glove free.

Keep the kitten contained

In the beginning, keep the kitten in a small crate (with some comfy blankets and toys) to help him feel more comfortable and safe in your home. It’s important for the kitten to have a safe haven.

Gradually make physical contact

While wearing thick gloves start gently petting the kitten. Try to ignore any hissing and biting attempts and just give the kitten some lovin’. After a little while you’ll start noticing the kitten’s aggression is subsiding. Remember to give the kitten some space between petting sessions, don’t overdo it.

Treat and pet

Once your kitten seems a little more comfortable in your presence continue to the next phase – a treat. Serve the kitten with a nice bowl of irresistible canned food. Proceed to petting the kitten while he’s eating to create a positive psychological connection between the yummy treat and you. You can do all of this while the kitten is still in his crate – don’t use force to get him out, he’ll get out when he feels safe enough.

Play time!

After a few cuddles and a snack it’s time to bring in the big guns of human interaction – playtime! Get some cool cat toys or even use a simple sting or feather to completely distract your kitten from his anxiety.

So this is how to tame a feral kitten. Some kittens may take a little longer but don’t give up. Do this right and you may find a napping kitten curled up in your lap in no time!

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