When Cole met Marmalade – introducing cat to new kitten

This adorable video by our beloved Cole and Marmalade, has two purposes. First, it’s just adorable to watch and it’s gonna turn that frown upside down. Second, if your looking to add another feline member to your existing feline family, this can come in handy. Watching this will give you a few much needed pointers on introducing cat to new kitten – how and when.

In the video one year old Cole meets Marmalade the kitten for the first time. At first, the cats can only see each other through a small crack, under human supervision. Later they are gradually allowed to fully interact with one another and play under supervision. It is clear the cats are apprehensive at first and play a little rough, but some encouragement from mom and dad gets the job done. A few months later the kitties are practically in love!

introducing cat to new kitten – how to do it

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