Munchkin cats – are they a real cat breed?

If you’re a true cat person you must have heard about munchkin cats already. These short, stubby and frankly adorable creatures (well, cats) haven’t been around for very long, but are already giving other cat breeds a run for their money. But wait, are munchkin cats actually a breed? Or just the result of an adorable genetic mutation? Well, that’s debatable.

Munchkin, or dwarf, cats’ main feature is their abnormally short legs. This ‘condition’ is in fact the result of a genetic mutation. This mutation has been around and documented since the mid 20th century. So can you refer to a genetic mutation as a breed?

munchkin cats 2

Munchkin cats are indeed a breed

Well, yes. You see in a way, all cat breeds are genetic mutations of a sort. A fact The International Cat Association agreed with when it recognized munchkin cats as a breed in 1995. This decision was met with a certain amount of criticism due to potential health concerns, but has since been reinforced as more cat organizations proceeded to recognize the breed as well.

And what of these potential health problems?

Studies have found that medical conditions such as excessive curvature of the spine and hollowed chest syndrome may occur within the breed. However these instances aren’t very common and generally munchkin cats tend to be fairly healthy kitties.

Thinking about getting a munchkin cat? We’re all for it, if you can find one that needs a home at your local shelter :). Adopt don’t shop.

And here’s a cute munchkin cat video:

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