13 Rarest cat breeds around

Interested in cat breeds? Here are 13 rare cat breeds:

Rare cat breeds

1. The Minskin

Rare cat breeds 1


When it comes to rare cat breeds, the Minskin is a prominent one. If you’re allergic to cats, but still consider yourself a devoted cat lover, this kitty is for you. This hypoallergenic feline is half Munchkin, half Sphinx. The breed was first crated in the early 2000snds and is one of the newer cat breeds around. Completely Hairless and small these kitties are very energetic and friendly.


2. The Serengeti

Rare cat breeds 2


This beauty is the offspring of a Bengal stock and an Oriental short-hair. The first Serengeti cat was created in California in 1994. Serengeti cats require a lot of attention and are very athletic so if you’re a couch potato, this cat is probably not for you. The breed is considered generally healthy and will make a great household pet.

Life expectancy: 10 years


3. The Burmila

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This breed was actually created by mistake when a janitor accidentally left a door open, allowing two different breed cats to enjoy each other’s company. The proud parents were a Chinchilla Persian and a brown Burmese. The accidental kittens were so adorable, it was decided to make them a new breed.

Life expectancy: 13-16 years


4. The Norwegian forest cat

Rare cat breeds 4


These fur balls almost went extinct during WW2  but pulled through and were officially recognized as a breed in the 70s. They originate in eastern Europe and bare a resemblance to the Main Coone. Some of them tend to suffer from kidney and heart disease.

Life expectancy: 14-16 years


5. The Devon Rex

Rare cat breeds 5


These cuties originate in the UK and have only been around in the last 56 years. They are very social and always prefer being around people. They also have some dog like characteristics such as the fact they can be taught tricks and to walk on a leash.

Life expectancy: 9-15 years


6. The Chartreux

Rare cat breeds 6


This breed actually bares a big resemblance to the British short-hair and the Russian blue. The Chartreuxes are very quiet cats and some of them are actually mute! They get along with children and will make for good family pets.

Life expectancy: 11-15 years


7. The British Shorthair

Rare cat breeds 7


This breed was actually the inspiration for Alice In Wonderland’s Cheshire cat and is one of the oldest breeds to exist. They will usually have bluish fur but there are also variations such as tubby and color point.

Life expectancy: 14-20 years


8. The Tonkinese

Rare cat breeds 8


These adorable kitties are a cross breed between a Burmese and a Siamese cat. Just like your favorite jacket they come in four different color variations: natural, Champagne, Blue and platinum. Tonkinese cats have been around since the 14th century and are very friendly and active.

Life expectancy: 9-15 years


9. The Caracal

Rare cat breeds 9


This breed is a wild cat that can be found living in the middle east, Persia, Africa, etc. They tend to live alone and are difficult to observe due to their secretive nature.

Life expectancy: 12-17 years


10. The Egyptian Mau

Rare cat breeds 10


This is one of the only domesticated breeds to have natural occurring spots and is considered very rare. They are the fastest breed of domesticated cats and can run in speeds up to 30 miles per hour. Egyptian Maus have a musical voice and friendly personalities.

Life expectancy: 18-20 years


11. The Kurlian Bobtail

Rare cat breeds 11


These very fluffy kitties are very high maintenance cats due to their constantly shedding fur. They are very vocal and moderately affectionate with people.

Life expectancy: 14-20 years


12. The Turkish Angora

Rare cat breeds 13


Originating from Turkey, this breed of kitties has been around since the early 17th century. They require a lot of attention and are social and intelligent. They also have a mutation that gives them two different eye colors. Rare cat breeds indeed.

Life expectancy: 15-18 years


13. The Sphynx

Rare cat breeds 14


This hairless breed of cats that was created back in the 1960s. Famous for their friendly attitude towards people Sphynx cats require a bath once a week or two because of the oils on their skin.

Life expectancy: 13-14 years

All of these rare cat breeds are beautiful, but we believe that every kitty is unique in his own way and deserves a home, purebred or not.


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