Siamese cat personality – know your feline

To be honest, Siamese cats are great. They’re intelligent, playful, loving and make for great companions. But they do require more attention and care than the average kitty in return. Read more about the Siamese cat personality below.

 Siamese cat personality

Let’s break it down.


Siamese cats are highly intelligent creatures and are considered one of the most intelligent cat breeds out there. They can be trained to do all sorts of things, including walking on a leash! But their intelligence also means they know what they want and can be stubborn about it. In a cute way of course. Siamese cats also require a certain amount of simulation. They’re Always looking for something interesting to do and new things to discover.

affection and loyalty

Being affectionate with their humans is a big part of the Siamese cat personality. The Siamese cat is also very loyal. These cats LOVE people and tend to form a strong bong with their humans, particularly their alpha human (you know like the one who feeds them and spend the most amount of time with them). They may also bond with other pets in your household, and other Siamese cats in particular. The Siamese cat will be following you around the house and prefer to be where you are (but not in a creepy way).


The Siamese cat personality includes a vary distinctive meow. In comparison to other kitties, the Siamese cat’s meow has a higher pitch, It’s louder and is actually more similar to a cry than a meow, and it’s overall very cute. Siamese cats have a very wide vocal spectrum and sometimes they can actually sound like they’re talking! In fact, since these kitties are very chatty, in time you will be able to recognize what every meow means and therefor learn to understand your kitty better!

When it comes to adding a furry member to your family we always recommend to adopt (not shop). So if you really want a Siamese cat definitely be on the lookout for adorable Siamese kitties in need of a forever home. It’ll be worthy your while. Guaranteed.


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