4 ways to solve your cat scratching furniture problem

Clawing is a very natural behavior for your cat. It originates in his primal needs to sharpen his claws and mark his territory to deter other animals. It’s also a form of exercise. But what can one do when said primal need causes furniture damage? We have a few suggestions that might help you with your cat scratching furniture problem.

cat scratching furniture 3

Cat scratching furniture – what to do?

  1. First and foremost: get your kitty a scratching post

    Since your kitty is gonna be scratching and clawing  either way, it’s best to get him an alternative to do it on, instead of your furniture. Make sure to strategically locate the scratching post next to previous scratching location.

    cat scratching furniture 2

  2. Discipline to halt bad scratching behavior

    Whenever your kitty is about to claw at your furniture use some disciplining technics to deter it from the area. For example, startling your kitty using an elevated tone of voice or squirting some water at him from a spray bottle will get the job done. Another option is using a game or a toy to redirect his attention.

  3. Limit access to items your kitty might want to scratch

    It may be uncomfortable for a while, but a good way to deal with cat scratching furniture is to cover/hide that furniture until your cat forgets about it. If it’s a small piece of furniture try removing it for a while. If it’s something bigger like a sofa try covering it with a nylon sheet.

  4. Limit your cat’s scratching abilities

    No, we’re not talking about declawing – it is a dangerous and unnecessary surgical procedure. A simple nail trimming will do it. There are other options such as using especially made plastic caps to cover your cats nails, such as Soft Paws.

In case you’re not a big fan of reading, here’s something to sum things up for you:

At the end of the day your cat does what he does because it is in his nature, not out of spite. So whenever you get frustrated with your cat scratching furniture remind yourself there are ways to get around it. Also, your kitty’s love and companionship are worth more than any piece of furniture. Metaphorically speaking off course :).

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