Tonkinese cat- everything you should know about the breed

Besides being simply a beautiful and elegant feline there are a few more things to know about the Tonkinese cat before you get one. If you’re looking for an exotic affectionate kitty a Tonkinese just might be for you.

The tonkinese cat

tonkinese cat


You may have noticed that Tonkinese cats are very similar to Siamese cats and for good reason. Tonkinese cats are a product of crossbreeding between an Siamese cat and a Burmese cat.


As mentioned above, these kitties look a lot like Siamese cats, with some distinguishing features. The breed is known for the cats’ muscular bodies, rounded head shapes and a number of possible eye colors. Tonkinese cats can have various fur lengs, although most are short haired.

Grooming and shedding

Unlike other high maintenance kitties, the Tonkinese cat doesn’t require much grooming. A weekly brushing session should do the trick in most cases, especially if your Tonkinese is a short-hair. Also Tonkinese aren’t known to shed a lot compared ti other breeds so it’s a win win!


The Tonk are considered to be quite intelligent cats. While they’re not hyper active, they do enjoy a good game of fetch and need a good amount of exercise on a daily bases. These kitties are also very affectionate with humans and can be found on their owner’s lap constantly. They would get along well with all humans including kids. The flip side of that is that these kitties require a good amount of attention and would not do well home alone for many hours at a time.

Breed health issues

The Tonk are generally healthy but are prone to gum disease and can sensitive to anesthesia. Descending from the Siamese, Tonks can suffer from the same genetic health issues.

And here is a Tonk in action!

To sum up the Tonkinese cat is an intelligent, affectionate kitty who makes for a great family pet.

For more information try the Tonkinese breed association.


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