Top 8 friendliest cat breeds uncovered

All cats have a certain charm to them but some breeds are known to be extra affectionate to us humans. These friendly felines make wonderful companions for those who’ll have them. We present to you, the friendliest cat breeds out there.

friendliest cat breeds

Let the march of friendly felines begin.

#1 BURMESE cats

Hypoallergenic Cats

The Burmese cat will always be on your lap. These felines crave attention and they know how to get it. They’ll use their soft voice to chat you up and get the attention they desire. So if you have time to spend with your him, or other animals to keep him company, a Burmese kitty would be a good friendly choice. The Burmese are undoubtedly one of the friendliest cat breeds out there.

#2 Siamese cats

Siamese cat

Siamese cats are very social, affectionate and curious. They get very attached and must be involved in everything you do around the house due to their avid curiosity. They get along with everyone (dogs included) and are often compared to dogs since they can play a mean game of fetch. If you are willing to provide this affectionate feline the attention it needs, this may just be the kitty for you. Read more about Siamese cats here.

#3 Sphynx cats

Sphynx cat

Sphynx cats have a bad reputation for being ‘ugly’, due to their lack of fur. But what people don’t know is that what they lack in hair they make up for in affection and devotion. Sphynx felines are highly social towards all pets and humans and simply loooove attention. So what would you prefer, a beautiful cat who couldn’t care less about you, or a loving devoted cat who also happens to be naked? I’ll take the latter please.

#4 Somali cats

friendliest cat breeds Somali cats

By Heikki N, Attribution, Wikipedia

These beautiful chocolate colored felines are super energetic and love to spend that energy hanging with their humans. They love attention but they’re not about sharing – meaning other pets can be a deal breaker. The playful Somali will constantly try to engage you and will have a very active approach to your relationship. So get ready for some cuddles and games with your Somali companion.

#5 Ragdoll cats

friendliest cat breeds Ragdoll

By Simone Johnsson – originally posted to Flickr as Yan, Wikipedia

Big, fluffy and majestic, Ragdolls easy going and very affectionate lap cats. Compared to other cats who cringe at the thought of being picked up, Ragdoll felines actually love it. These social felines will even let a stranger pick them up! In fact, their name originates from how limp their body gets when receiving attention.

#6 Devon rex

friendliest cat breeds devon rex

By User: Alorin – Own work, Wikipedia

These adorably shaped felines would make a great choice foe families with other pets and older kids. They are very friendly and social, and will frown upon spending too much time alone. You’ll often find these outgoing creatures cradled on your lap and loving every moment of it.

#7 Exotic Shorthair cats

friendliest cat breeds exotic shorthair

By Charlyn Wee – originally posted to Flickr as Fig – Aug 2006, Wikipedia

Although note very social to strangers, the Exotic Shorthairs are very affectionate and loving when it comes to their humans. They are playful, adventurous and attention seeking. Not to mention super cute and funny looking. They’ll keep your lap warm and your heart full of fluffy love.

#8 Persian cats

friendliest cat breeds persian cats

By Wyndcreste – photographed with my camera Previously published: on my own website and Facebook, Wikipedia

These squishy faced felines are not very active but love to be where the action is. They crave a good petting session and will always be there for you if you treat them right. Persian cats are extra fluffy divine creatures are are quiet and sweet for the most part. They’ll save their attention to those they think deserve it, which mainly means their family.

All cats are adorable

Cats have a bad rap for being anti social, egoistic pets. But in fact, there are many social and outgoing cats that can make for loving devoted pets. Weather it’s one of these friendliest cat breeds or mixed breed cats who happen to be very social, many cats are up for the task. It is also important to mention that a cat’s personality isn’t only affected by it’s breed – every kitty is different and unique and they all deserve love. So go get a cat! Preferably a rescue one :).

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