Cat shedding – how to deal with it in a few simple ways

First, lets just put it out there, your cat shedding problem will never cease to exist. When happening within the norm it is a natural occurrence in your cat’s life cycle. There is no way to stop it. There are however ways to minimize it and to pamper your beloved kitty while you’re at it.

How to minimize cat shedding

1. Grooming grooming and grooming

Brush your cat regularly to get rid of loose hair and accumulated dirt. Grooming can also help reduce fur related health problems such as hair balls. If your cat is not very fond of brushes there are other optimal solutions like the True Touch Deshedding Glove. The glove incorporates gentle grooming with a good petting session, transforming the grooming activity to one of human-cat bonding.
cat shedding

2. A healthy balanced diet should help minimize cat shedding

If you feel like your cat is shedding too much fur take him to the vet to make sure there is no underlying medical issue. If he gets a clean bill of health your next stop should be his diet. Your kitty’s fur is a reflection of what he eats. Excessive shedding can be the result of an unhealthy diet. Try changing his diet to a premium food brand. Another good option is to add supplements like Omega-3 rich fish oil. Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids are very important in keeping your kitty’s skin and fur healthy.

cat shedding 3.

3. Use cat repellent spray on your furniture

If your cat shedding on furniture really bothers you, this can help. This is a good way to minimize the amount of shedding on furniture by simply keeping your kitty away from it. You can use different sprays such as Cat Scratch Deter Spray to achieve this. Whatever you use, make sure it’s furniture friendly and enjoy your fur free couches.

cat shedding 5
In conclusion, there is no magic solution to cat shedding. But with some love and care, you can get the shedding under control and bond with your cat while you’re at it.