Weaning Kittens best practices – How and when

When kittens are born they start off only consuming milk, but just like human babies, at some point in their development they’ll need to transition to solid foods. The process of transitioning kittens from mother’s milk to solid foods is the process of weaning kittens. If the kittens were being nursed by their mom, don’t worry about it, she’ll take care of the weaning part. But if for some reason you’ve been bottle feeding them you’ll have to do it. But it has to be done right (and most importantly not abruptly). Read on to find out how and when to wean baby kittens.

The process of weaning Kittens

Weaning kittens has to be done slowly and gradually, to let the kittens’ system adjust.

When to wean kittens

A mother cat will usually start weaning her kittens when they’re about four weeks old. She’ll naturally start pushing them away and in turn they’ll start trying to eat some of her food. But if you’re bottle feeding kittens you can start a little earlier when the babies are between 3 to 4 weeks old.

How to wean kittens

First, mix some of the kitten formula with the new solid kitten food. This way the kittens will recognize the taste and it’ll help soften the food.

Second, let the kittens lick a little bit of the mixture from your finger or smear some on their mouth and let them lick it off.

Then mix dry kitten food with water and some formula and let the kittens try it on their own. Make sure to supplement with formula until the kittens get used to the new food mixture.

Between week 5 and 6 you can start only mixing the food with water to soften it, without any formula. Then gradually start adding less and less water.

By week 6-7 the kittens should be properly weaned and only eating solid kitten food.

With some patience and love your kittens should be healthy and eating solid foods in no time (or 2-3 weeks to be exact).

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