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British shorthair family

British shorthair family enjoys quality time

This British Shorthair family sure knows how to enjoy some nice quality time. These adorable kittens are climbing all over mom and she seems to enjoy her little ones. Watch the cuteness. British shorthair family …
using a bell

Cats learn to ring a bell to get treats

These two felines have the manners of royalty. They learned to ask for a treat using a bell and now they’re totally abusing that power. Next they’ll knocking on doors demanding to open them – can’t …
secret life of kittens

The secret life of kittens caught on tape

You’ve probably always wondered, what kittens do when humans are not around right? Even if you didn’t (and you probably didn’t), you need to see this cause it is just too cute. This footage captured the …
foster kittens

Foster kittens go on a road trip

These adorable babies have just arrived in by their new foster home and are already going on an adventure! Watch the cuteness. Foster kittens go on a ride Related article: kittens fight over mom’s milk
persian feline

Fluffy Persian kittens are just the cutest!!

Want a double dose of cuteness? You’ve come to the right place. Watch these adorable Persian kittens and get ready to smile. Adorable Persian kittens Related article: Persian kittens perform a synced head tilt
mamma cat

mom cleans and comforts her crying baby kitten

This adorable newborn kitten can’t get enough of mamma’s love. And she’s willing to dish it out! This caring mamma cat cleans and cuddles her kitten and is generally doing a great job. mamma cat cares for her …
kitten getting belly rubs

Adorable kittens loves his belly rubs

This adorable kitten challenges everything we thought we knew about cats! Well, maybe just the fact that cats don’t like belly rubs. Cause this little cutie sure does! Kitten getting belly rubs Related article: Kitten adorably demands …
protective kitten

Kitten is VERY protective of her food

This baby kitten doesn’t look very hungry but that doesn’t stop her from being very possessive and protective of her food. Watch this adorable video. Kitten protective of her food Related article: Hungry kitten gets a …
kittens bottle feeding

Triplet kitten babies are bottle feeding

There’s not much to say about this video, besides that it is just mind blowingly cute. These triplet kitten babies are feasting on some nice milk bottles and are enjoying every sip. Triplet kittens bottle …