Grieving mamma cat and abandoned kitten adopt each other

Flame, a tiny abandoned kitten was found all alone and taken to the humane society in Atlanta. The pure Ginger baby was sick and needed a miracle to survive. That miracle came when Flame met Amber.

Meet Flame the abandoned kitten and his adoptive mamma Amber

abandoned kitten 8

Amber had experienced a tragedy of her own. Just a week before mother’s day Amber lost all of her newborn kittens. The feline was naturally grieving her loss. But when she met little Flame it became clear that the one thing she hadn’t lost was her motherly instinct.

abandoned kitten 5

When Amber met Flame she immediately started showering the abandoned kitten with love.

abandoned kitten 3

“The two had an immediate bond,” said Christina Hill, director of marketing and communications for AHS.

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“The grieving mom immediately took to the tiny kitten, grooming him, cuddling him and letting him nurse.”

abandoned kitten 2

Now both mamma and baby are being fostered until the time comes to find them a forever home.

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What an adorable story!

For more info about Flame and Amber: Atlanta Humane Society | Facebook | Instagram (h/t)
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