Frozen kitten found in the snow survives and finds a forever home

Holding on to hope, even in the most dire situations, is what makes miracles happen. The story of the Bingham family and the tiny frozen kitten they found in the snow demonstrates exactly that.

Frozen kitten

frozen kitten 1

In early December the Bingham family was spending thanks giving in their family cabin in Utah. One day they found a lifeless stray kitten. The kitten was buried under a pile of snow. The kitten did not have a pulse, but the Binghams were not about to give up hope. They rushed the little frozen kitten inside and started gently massaging his heart and warming him up next to the cabin’s fireplace. You would not believe what happened next.

The frozen kitten with no heart beat came back to life and started to recover!

Since then the kitten, AKA Lazarus, had made a full recovery and a family member of the Binghams gave him a forever home. He is a happy and frisky kitty. A cat who is a living testament of the good the kindness of strangers. Bless their hearts!

Now Lazarus Loves playing in the snow

Watch more videos of Lazarus, the frozen kitten, here.

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