Motorcyclist risks own life to save a kitten stranded on a highway

It was just another day on a Hong Kong highway for motorcyclist Kwok Kin Wai when suddenly everything changed. Kwok Kin Wai became the man of the hour after selflessly risking his own life to save a highway kitten.

highway kitten saved in the very last minute

highway kitten 4

Kwok Kin Wai, a local firefighter, was busy driving when a tiny kitten caught his eye. The tubby was in the middle of the highway and cars were driving over him. Kwok Kin Wai realized it was just a matter of time before one of the cars ran over the little Ginger baby. He had to act.

highway kitten 5

He pulled over, and went into traffic, signaling drivers to stop, so he could save the little Ginger. Amazingly this rescue operation was caught on tape! Watch this daring act below:

After saving the little Ginger kitten Wai went the extra mile and took to Facebook to find her a home. He posted her pictures and shared his ordeal. Within an hour of posting Wai found a loving forever home for this highway kitten.

The kitten was later named ‘Spark’ and is now safe in good and loving hands.

highway kitten 2

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