Girl adopts sick runt kitten and he becomes something no one expected

Brownie had a pretty rough start at life. He was the runt of the litter, only had two tows on his right paw and he was having trouble eating. But the sick runt kitten caught a lucky break when he met Justina Strumilaite.

sick runt kitten

sick runt kitten 1

Before Justina came along Brownie’s carers were sure he wouldn’t survive. He was small and was at a disadvantage when it came to nursing. Consequently he wasn’t putting on much needed weight.

sick runt kitten 2

When Justina she immediately fell in love and decided she had to help. She took Brownie on as a project and gave him the support he needed.

sick runt kitten 3

The little sick runt kitten gradually started putting on weight and growing. Things were looking up! He started getting fluffier…

sick runt kitten 6

and fluffier…

sick runt kitten 4

and became a majestic beast!

sick runt kitten 5

Eventually the little runt showed everyone how strong he was. He is truly inspiring!

sick runt kitten all grown up

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